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Teeth Whitening

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It is not an exaggeration to tell that “smile can solve problems.” Is your smile confident enough to give the aspired results? Well, if you have a sparkling white toothy smile, be sure you are winning your goal. People love and admire to meet and interact with such people.


The discoloration of the teeth occurs because of external and internal causes.

The external causes are resulting from the consumption of particular food and beverages and the internal reason being genetic or old age. The regular use of potent coloring agent available in the beverages likes coffee, tea, cola, alcohol, and in fruits like cherry, blueberry discolors the teeth. Also, chewing tobacco and smoking causes discoloration of the teeth. The aging factor also contributes to this.

Cheapest Teeth Whitening


The cheapest way to teeth whitening would be using home tooth whitening products.

You apply these products in the privacy of your home; these whitening products are economical and will whiten your teeth to some degree.

But without your dentist diagnosing the reason for your discolored teeth, you will not get the best results.

 A Few Advantages to In-Office Teeth Whitening:

  • The dentist uses a high concentration of bleaching gel.
  • The results can be instant.
  • The thicker peroxide gels do not soak into the teeth.
  • The dentist uses desensitizers for gum and teeth discomfort.
  • Professional quality lasers add to the teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth Whitening at the Dentist – a Step-by-Step Guide

  1. The teeth cleaning step: Before the whitening process begins, the teeth are polished to get rid of stains on the teeth surface, debris, and any accumulated tartar.
  2. The teeth Isolation step: The peroxide whiteners used for teeth whitening are caustic and can cause irritation or even damage to the soft oral tissues. To avoid this, the teeth that are being bleached/whitened, are isolated by placing a “dental dam,” a
  3. Protection of the lips and eyes step: The peroxide bleaching compounds are caustic, dentists take precautions to ensure the patient’s eyes and lips are protected. Some petroleum jelly product is applied to the lips and gums to keep them moist and ensure the laser does not burn those areas. Even if the gums do get irritated for some reason, this sensitivity and irritation are short-lived.
  4. The application of Peroxide whitening gel step: After the cleaning, the patient’s teeth are dried, and then the peroxide whitening gel is applied. Each tooth has the thick teeth whiteners gels brushed on them.
  5. The laser activation step: Laser or a specific type of bleaching light is used to activate the whitener and increases the effectiveness of the whitener. The whitener consists of a compound that is triggered when the laser light is focused on it, making it more effective. The length of exposure to this light depends on the type of stains and their severity.
  6. The cleanup step: Once the procedure is complete, the whitening gel applied to the teeth is washed off. Then all other protective material is removed.

The prognosis is very good for in-office teeth whitening. The patient needs to follow the aftercare instructions. Gum irritation or sensitivity may occur after the procedure, but it will soon subside. Your dentist will advise you not to consume foods of extreme temperatures: either too hot or too cold. All the foods that caused these teeth staining and discoloration in the first place should be avoided, which can include caffeine products. You may not want to hear this, but smoking is a big no.

It’s time you started taking care of your teeth and enjoyed that bright smile again.

The maintenance of the successful result of teeth whitening depends on the least used of the healthy colored food and beverages and non-use of tobacco. However, consultation with your dentist, at least once in six months, would ensure a continuance of whitening and a confident smile on your face.

In-office and home bleach combo – the fastest and most successful system to get your teeth white. The proof is the 100s of our happy patient who gets more than three shades lighter teeth every year.

What is the ZOOM! Teeth Whitening?

ZOOM! Teeth whitening – a laser whitening treatment – will lighten the discoloration of your stained teeth. The bleaching process of Zoom! will give you whiter teeth in an hour. This brighter, whiter teeth will make you feel more confident and look younger.

6 Shades Whiter after 1 Session?

Our staff has the ZOOM! Teeth whitening training and know the procedures that will make sure that your results are stunning. Many of our patients have found their teeth were six shades whiter — and all it took was 1 hour in our dental office.

Take ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Home with You

Yes, no time to spend at the dentist? No problem. Zoom! has a take-home whitening system. Take their specially designed whitening gel and tray with you and use it for three nights to get results.

What is the BriteSmile System?

The benefits of BriteSmile hydrogen gel are many. Post-procedure, the teeth can be whiter by up to eight shades instantly, leaving it incomparable to other procedures that cannot achieve this level of whitening even after several weeks of usage.  Your dentist also advises on its use for good dental health. Teeth remain intact and healthy when the procedure is performed under the care of a cosmetic dentist.  All it takes is a single sitting with no sedation.

What is Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Products?

Discovered by Dr. Robert Ibsen, a cosmetic dentist and teeth whitening expert, Rembrandt teeth whitening products have become the de rigueur at dentist offices. It is widely used by cosmetic dentists in Houston and other areas. The reason behind this is the fantastic results their products produce. They use enamel-safe ingredients that protect your teeth.

If you are resorting to hiding your teeth when you smile, you no longer have to. The Rembrandt in-office whitening treatment is helping hundreds of people bring back the smiles on their faces.

How Effective Is Rembrandt In-Office Teeth Whitening?

While all the Rembrandt teeth whitening products come with a high-level of whitening power that can fix all sorts of stains on the teeth, the professional in-office treatment is a marvel in itself. It is fast and easy, and as the name suggests, it is carried out by a dentist in-office.

Although the level of whiteness varies in each person, it offers significant whitening, and some patients have experienced the whitening of up to 10 shades or more within one hour.

How Does it Work?

The procedure begins with prepping of your teeth by cleaning the debris and any hidden plaque. Then the cosmetic dentist applies the Rembrandt Lightening Plus bleaching gel that comes in exotic tropical fruit and mint flavors. This gel is a unique formulation containing the Rembrandt whitening crystals, whitening ingredients as well as a desensitizing agent. The gel is then activated with the Rembrandt Sapphire™ Plasma ArcLight. It is through this activation process that the whitening agents in the gel get to work on the stained teeth. This light is completely safe as it contains no Ultra Violet rays.

When are the Results Seen?

Immediately after the procedure! Once fluoride is applied to prevent demineralization, you will be confronted with new sparkling teeth. The results of these teeth whitening Houston are long-lasting, and with proper after-care, you can enjoy a beautiful smile for a long time.


Are there Different Rembrandt In-Office Treatments Available?

The beauty of Rembrandt in-office teeth whitening treatment is that it offers the flexibility of using different strengths in the procedure. Your cosmetic dentist will decide between using a high-strength gel that is fast-acting or a low-strength gel that is slow-acting, based on the condition of your teeth. Both are completely safe.

Another decision would be whether to get the procedure done on all the teeth in a single sitting or to get them done one at a time. The number of shades your teeth lighten will depend on the duration of the treatment.

The beauty of the Rembrandt One Hour Whitening system is that it comes with absolutely no side effects and does not require any follow-up treatments. You leave your Houston dentist with an after-care kit in hand and parading your pearly whites – almost like you’re wearing a new designer outfit.

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