Teeth Whitening vs Bleaching: Which Is Best?

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Teeth whitening or tooth bleaching? Which of these commonly used terms in cosmetic dentistry should you really use when referring to procedures or products that whiten the teeth?

Ever since systems of whitening your teeth Houston has become popular, the words whitening and bleaching has been used interchangeably in the market, clinics, and media releases. Do these words really mean the same? If not, which term should be most appropriately used?

Whitening Your Teeth Houston
Whitening Your Teeth Houston


The truth is that both the words whitening and bleaching are really synonymous. White is an adjective used to describe the color of the teeth.

When your teeth becomes yellow or darker than its usual color, you’ll say that you need “to whiten” them.

On the other hand, the word bleach if used as a verb means “to make something whiter or paler in color.”

It only makes sense to use the two terms interchangeably since they almost exactly mean the same. Thus, if you want to refer to the procedure of whitening your teeth Houston, you can use both terms without being misunderstood by your professional cosmetic dentists.

However, the distinction between these two terms are made by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) to distinguish the two sets of products you can use in whitening your teeth.

The first set is just for merely removing stains in the teeth and the other can truly change the color of the teeth beyond its natural shade.


According to FDA, whitening your teeth Houston using products that basically remove dirt and stains in your teeth and store their original color should be categorized under teeth whitening items. A common example is toothpaste in which sodium fluoride is the active ingredient that cleans the teeth. These products do not contain hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient strictly used for tooth bleaching.

On the other hand, products that are designed to improve your teeth’s color beyond its natural shade should be referred to as teeth bleaching products. They contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide which have been tested, proven, and used to effectively enhance your teeth’s color. Hence, whitening your teeth Houston entails consulting your dentist first to know about the natural color of your teeth. Based on dental science, some teeth are naturally yellow or grayish. Furthermore, before you decide on products for whitening your teeth Houston, you must carefully read each label and check whether you are paying for the right one. Teeth whitening products should cost less than products for tooth bleaching procedures.

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