Cosmetic Veneers: The Secret to No Prep Veneers

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Cosmetic Veneers: The Secret to No Prep Veneers

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There valid reasons why many people suffer from strong>dentist Houston. They may have experienced pain in one of those dental procedures and expectedly, do not want to repeat the process.  Say goodbye to anxiety and welcome great smile through Lumineers.


veneers in Houston

Lumineers are also called no-prep veneers, made of thin, shell-like material that are adhered to the surface of the tooth to give it a better appearance. Veneers are used to cover and reshape discolored, stained, chipped, worn, crooked or damaged teeth. They are also used as alternative in some cases where braces are needed. Depending on the type of veneers, a thin layer of the tooth’s surface, about 0.5 mm is removed to make way for the veneers. Lumineers only require 0.2 mm or none at all so it is less invasive than the usual veneers.


Cosmetic dentists Houston can easily place Lumineers. The whole procedure is usually done in just two visits whereas other types of veneers are usually done within three dental visits. Despite being super-thin, Lumineers are made to last 20 years or more and look as natural as the real tooth. It is made of high quality porcelain material and resistant to stain, micro cracks and micro leakages.

Veneers in Houston cover every type available, from traditional to specialized ones like Lumineers, it is really a personal choice. Bonding Lumineers are pain-free and are suitable even to those who are sensitive to dental procedures. Once you’ve tried how convenient and comfortable Lumineers are, you will surely look forward to your next dental visit.

Caring for Lumineers doesn’t require special products or extra time. Just stick to your regular routine of brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist at least every six months. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will also prolong your Lumineers so stop smoking, avoid biting your nails and minimize the consumption of stain-causing food and drinks.

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