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Tooth Bleaching Houston
Tooth Bleaching Houston

Having a perfect set of white teeth is the new beautiful. People are getting more invested into teeth whitening treatment because of its noticeable immediate results. Moreover, people who have undergone tooth bleaching Houston are reported to have gained more self-confidence and have overcome insecurity issues. With teeth whitening becoming more and more popular and trendy these days, it is only important for you to learn more about them. Tooth bleaching Houston are actually available in three different kinds: bleaching trays, whitening strips, and laser treatment. These teeth whitening systems can be applied either at home or at a clinical office.


Bleaching Trays

Bleaching tray is the most common kind of teeth whitening system. Many people prefer using this method because of its convenience and precise results. The application of the bleaching gel that comes with the set can be done any time at home. These gels are usually cool-flavored and contain soothers and conditioners that reduce sensitivity problems. The trays are usually custom-made so you may feel comfortable using them. Tooth bleaching Houston using this method requires that you consult a professional of cosmetic dentistry so you can get enough instructions on procedure, care, and maintenance.


Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strip is the cheapest way to whiten your teeth. These strips can be bought over the counter without recommendation from a dentist. They are made from thin and flexible plastic strips that contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, and based on some studies a percentage of baking soda. You need to place and press the strips on your upper and lower teeth for 30 minutes. Although using this method of tooth bleaching Houston gives reasonable effects, the results are not so dramatic and lasting.


Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is usually done with the use of pH-balanced gel made from hydrogen peroxide which is a clinically proven safe and effective teeth whitening product in the dental community. This method of tooth bleaching Houston involve the use of a special light which activates the gel so that hydrogen peroxide can penetrate the enamel and dentin of the teeth. Although the procedure is expensive, it is worth the investment. The results are immediately seen after only less than an hour. Some clinics, in addition, apply fluoride treatment to strengthen and clean the teeth thoroughly.


This method in tooth bleaching Houston is also proven to provide the most effective and lasting teeth whitening result.

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