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Veneers For Teeth

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Houston Veneers For Teeth

A younger and symmetrical smile gives a person a more youthful appearance and one of the best options to get a beautiful smile is by means of getting porcelain or composite veneers done. Many individuals are looking to know more about cosmetic dentistry to improve their esthetic appearance as well as to enhance the level of their confidence. The above mentioned facts are the reasons behind people going in for veneers that can give them a smile line like a celebrity.


The Houston veneers for teeth have an advantage of mimicking the enamel and give the patient the exact shade as their original teeth just with a thin layer of porcelain placed over the natural enamel. It is especially beneficial in patients with discolored teeth; such teeth don’t respond to whitening procedures the same way as stained teeth do. Also we can use porcelain veneers in patients with worn down teeth where the enamel layer has diminished or in cases where the teeth have grayed over a period of time. Such teeth are suitable candidates for veneers.

Houston veneers can fix any chipped, gapped or widely spaced teeth. Porcelain veneers are permanent and an investment which can improve the smile remarkably. Porcelain veneers don’t require much maintenance except for regular brushing and flossing. They do not have to be protected from hot or cold beverages like tea, coffee red wine or soda.


Every treatment has it pros and cons and the patient should not feel that the disadvantages overweigh the benefits of the veneers. The cost may seem as an important factor but on a long term basis it seems to pay for itself. There are potential disadvantage of veneers that one should be aware of. Many dentists recommend wearing night guards especially to patients who have damaged their teeth as a result of sub-conscious grinding. Some dentists even ask their clients not to eat crunchy food, nuts and ice to increase the life span of the veneers by preventing them from chipping.

There are downsides but this treatment is long lasting especially when porcelain veneers don’t grey with advancing age which actually enhances their value.



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