What are No Prep Veneers?

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What are No Prep Veneers?

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What are ‘No Prep’ Veneers – or  Lumineers?

Lumineers are high-quality porcelain veneers that are thinner than more traditional veneers. Other types of veneers are usually 0.5mm thin while Lumineers are just 0.2mm.

Therefore there is very little chance of not having to grind down existing tooth enamel because they are so thin.
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In many cases, you can have a new smile in 2-office visits with ‘No Prep’ veneers. They are non-invasive and provides almost an instant solution to your smile problems.

The specialized material that makes up the Lumaneers or ‘no-prep’ veneers are thinner and stronger than standard veneers.


Some of the benefits of Lumineers are:

  • The process is reversible since your tooth’s enamel is still intact. If you want it removed, it is easy to do so.
  • Pain-free, no need for anesthesia, less sensitivityTranslucent surface reflects light like your natural teeth, so your smile looks dazzling
  • The light and thin material feels natural
  • Takes lesser time to prepare, so the procedure is faster
  • Can last up to 20 years with proper care

Although Lumineers cost slightly higher than traditional veneers, the benefits easily eclipse its price and make it a good investment. After all, upon getting that sparkling smile, you can freely enjoy life and boost your confidence as well.  Isn’t that a recipe for success?

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