My Acrylic Bridge are Turning Yellow – HELP

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My Acrylic Bridge are Turning Yellow – HELP

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Acrylic bridges will gradually turn yellow over time, and unfortunately, this is due to the material, as acrylic is porous and susceptible to staining. Because of this, the majority of acrylic bridges are purely temporary. Once the acrylic has become stained, there is no way of removing this staining to lighten the shade. The easiest thing to do is to have the bridge remade, and if possible, choose a material which will not change color. The best material for a bridge is porcelain, as the color doesn’t vary and porcelain doesn’t stain as it isn’t porous.

rMost acrylic bridges are permanent porcelain bridges, and there are lots of different materials to choose from, depending on the remaining teeth and their placement in the mouth. If the bridge is to replace anterior teeth, then the best option is probably to use an all-ceramic bridge which doesn’t contain any metal. This type of bridge is ideal, as it creates a right level of clarity which mimics the natural teeth, giving an aesthetically pleasing and natural restoration. If created in a top-quality dental laboratory, Most people will not know you have a bridge.

If the bridge is to replace posterior teeth, then it may still be possible to use an all-ceramic bridge as most modern materials are solid. However, if someone has a substantial bite or is liable to grind their teeth, then they may be better off having a bridge which incorporates some metal. Metal bites stop on the biting surfaces will protect the porcelain from fracturing, prolonging the life of the bridge.

There are some bridges which are made out of pink gum-colored acrylic and denture teeth, and if these denture teeth have become discolored, then it made possible to replace the denture teeth with newer teeth which might be slightly more resistant to staining. It is possible to use porcelain teeth on dentures, but these porcelain teeth are much more prone to falling out or cracking than standard acrylic denture teeth, even though they look much more natural. Some people prefer having acrylic crowns and bridges fitted as they are a lot cheaper than porcelain crowns. The trouble is that although it may save money in the short term, acrylic tends to be a lot less durable than porcelain, and it can end up being a false economy. Wherever possible, porcelain is the better option.

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