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Amazing Ceramic Dental Crowns

Ceramic Dental Crowns are tooth-shaped caps made from either porcelain or ceramics and are used to cover teeth.

People with crowns sometimes will have a dark line between their tooth and the gum line. The dark line you can see is a small line of metal that is between the porcelain and the gum line.

Not all crowns have metal on the insides. Crowns made with Zirconia (a white metal like substance) have a white center, but there are many types of metal-free crowns on the market including Feldspathic, Zirconia, E-Max.

In the crown illustration, you can see the difference between a metal and ceramic crown. One is darker on the inside – thus the tooth is usually more opaque and more colored hue.

What’s the best crown available?

This is not a fair question – what is the best car available?

The same is true for crowns – some look better, some are stronger. And it also depends on who makes them. Keep in mind when choosing a crown that the materials used to create them affects their cost — and the quality of the crown. But the technicians who make them vary in quality and attention to detail. They can be a mass-produced item or a detailed one-at-a-time crown.

What Crowns does Midtown Dentistry recommend?

We recommend the following crowns regularly:

Bruxzir Crowns

The Bruxzir crown is made from solid Zirconia and is the most durable crown on the market. Just look at the hammer test to see how strong it is.The Bruxzir crown is especially suitable for back teeth that are prone to breaking due to substantial chewing forces. Older type crowns can break or chip under regular use.

But this crown has not broken in over three years of use on hundreds of patients. It’s just that strong. The downside to this crown is that it only comes in several colors – and can never be made to look like a real front tooth. That is why we do not use it for front teeth. E-Max is a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic that has optimized for great looks and is the ideal material to make crowns for front teeth. It is glued to the existing tooth and looks terrific.

The downside to this crown is that it is weaker – so we cannot make bridges or crowns where the biting force is excellent- like the back teeth.

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