What are the Advantages of Ceramic Porcelain Crowns?

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Porcelain Crowns Make Your Teeth Sparkle

Ceramic crowns made from porcelain are caps that protect damaged top portions of your teeth.

A damaged tooth, by use or decay, will often require a crown to cover the tooth. Placing a crown on top of the damaged tooth helps it function again, like your natural tooth.

What are the Advantages of an All-Ceramic Porcelain Crown?

In the past, metal made up the substructure of dental crowns.

The problem with this is that often, you would see this dark grey or black line along with the gum where the metal would peek through. But there is now a new method for dental crowns that fixes this problem.

The original all-ceramic crowns have a ceramic core instead of a metal one. Porcelain crowns have no gray lines, plus the ceramic coloring is close to your tooth’s natural color.
Other advantages are:

  1. No visible dark grey or black line along the gum line
  2. Creating a porcelain crown using computer technology allows your dentist to make an exact match of your tooth
  3. Porcelain crowns need less space so your dentist can save more of your natural tooth
  4. Porcelain crowns can be cut and created while you are in the dentist office
  5. Porcelain crowns tend not to damage the dentine of the tooth
  6. Porcelain crowns do not need to be sent out to a dental lab

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