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Sedation Dentistry

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Dental Fear: We’re Here To Help You

Sedation Dentistry is more commonly referred to as Sleep Dentistry. If your fear of the dentist is stopping you from having a brilliant smile, visit us at Midtown Dentistry and you will not be afraid anymore – that is a promise

– Dr. Jonathan Penchas MDDS – Founding Member Midtown Dentistry of Houston

At Midtown Dentistry, we understand that anxiety keeps many people from receiving the life-changing dentistry they need.  

If dental fear stands as an obstacle between you and a healthy smile, we have options that make dental care more comfortable than you ever imagined. Three modes of anxiety control allow even the most fearful patient to experience the most exceptional dentistry.

What are the three types of dental sedation?


Calming medications flow through an IV before starting any treatment  

  • At Midtown Dentistry, IV sedation is administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist at your side, just like those who work in hospitals.
  • During IV sedation, you’ll be responsive to us, but unaware of treatment. You will not feel or remember anything. Before you know it, your appointment is over.


Before your surgery, you take a small pill

  • It works well for mild anxiety or shorter appointments.
  • Our sedative medication is FDA approved with a long history of safety.
  • You stay awake and responsive during treatment in a comfortable, relaxed state.  You’ll remember very little about your visit.


Before surgery, you breathe odorless gas mixed with oxygen through a nose mask – known as “laughing gas.”

  • This sedative reduces anxiety and helps you ease through treatment. Before treatment, you breathe odorless gas mixed with oxygen through a nose mask.
  • Nitrous Oxide can be adjusted up or down during treatment
  • You’ll leave feeling healthy, and can even drive a car after your appointment.

3 Reason to Call Midtown Dentistry for Sedation Dentistry

  1. Relaxation: A customized sedation solution takes anxiety all away.
  2. Experience: Houston sleep dentist Dr. Jonathan Penchas brings over fifteen years of sedation experience to your care.
  3. Comfortable: Visiting us will be a pleasant experience. With sedation dentistry, there’s no reason your treatment should be frightening.

We understand that dental fear may cause you to keep pushing dental treatment further into the future.  But regularly, we see the consequences of neglected dental problems.

Most dental problems don’t hurt until they reach a critical point.  A cavity quietly progresses until it reaches the center of the tooth where the nerve sits.  Or bacteria slowly destroy the bone around your teeth, and 90% of it may disappear before you realize what’s happened.

So pain frequently presents as a late-stage symptom of a developing problem. If you wait for discomfort to occur, odds are you’ll need significantly more treatment than if we’d detected the problem early. Regular check-ups mean fewer visits and less cost over time!

At Midtown Dentistry, our doctors specialize in providing a worry-free dental experience. We find the sedation option that works just right for you and helps you avoid complicated treatment in the future.  Call us today to schedule a time to discuss your concerns and start the journey to better health!

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