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In the current situation, you need to make yourself memorable during a job interview. We see so many movies in which the person did something out of the ordinary and got himself selected from hundreds of applicants. While our everyday life might not be anything like a movie, you can do something extremely simple to impact the minds of the interviewers. You can smile. You’re welcome to read other articles too on this website. They might just help you to get the dream job you wanted!

50% of Employers Recall Smiles

A study shows that about fifty percent of interviewers could recall clearly smiles of specific applicants, the ones who did smile! This is a higher up as compared to nine percent of employers remembering the clothes of their interviewees. Clothes can be similar and almost everyone is dressed up in the same professional attire. It is your smile that sets you apart. It will be the thing that they’ll remember after you exit the office hoping you’ve gotten the job you always wanted.

Smile Brightly

Cleaner teeth and general dental hygiene is shown to have a positive influence during the interview. A research on job interviews conducted in 2007 stated that people were more likely to be offered jobs and a higher salary if they had undergone teeth whitening before the interview. And when you think about it, why shouldn’t it? With great looking teeth a person becomes more confident and talks clearly, smiles more as opposed to one who is shy and wants to hide the stains on their teeth. If you’re getting ready for a job interview, teeth whitening should be on your list if your teeth require it.

First Impressions

While being interviewed and other than sound knowledge of the work you’ll be doing, first impressions are based on appearances. The interviewers don’t know the real you and neither will they have time to unless they hire you. Having a good first impression and coming across as a bright and confident person is pretty important. And you can set that impression by flashing a bright smile. It doesn’t mean that you should do it throughout the interview but at the start and during the middle it will do you good to enchant the interviewer. It makes a good impression.

Take Away

While different employers look for different things and one can never really know what kind of impression would be set by smiling, the percentages generally point to the positive side. The scales of your smile having a positive effect are higher than it having a negative one. So if you are heading towards a job interview, remember to flash a bright smile. And before flashing it, do give us a call or check out other such topics on our website. In this dog eat dog world with extreme competition, you are going to need all the help you can get and we’re here to give it to you.

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