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  • Continuing education
  • Prosthodontic Specialist
  • 80-years combined experience
  • 29-years in Houston

The Midtown Dentistry's Dentists

"...they did an amazing job..."

  • Carla K. Avatar

    5 star rating Amazingly competent and friendly.  Really family oriented. Dr. Troung went above and beyond in assisting... read more

    Carla K. 2/14/2020
    Ashley Oddo Avatar

    Dr. Pirzadeh at the Pearland location is awesome. They are very informative and make you... read more

    Ashley Oddo 1/19/2020
    Ashley O. Avatar

    5 star rating Dr. Pirzadeh at the Pearland location was the best. He is very informative and down... read more

    Ashley O. 1/19/2020
    Rich M. Avatar

    5 star rating All the staff at the Westhheimer location were above and beyond in customer service. I... read more

    Rich M. 12/19/2019
    Irvin Gamino Avatar

    Went in for a scheduled cleaning service was great SAIRA did a excellent job definitely... read more

    Irvin Gamino 12/12/2019
    Jay M. Avatar

    5 star rating Previously this dental practice was owned by a long time friend. He and his wife... read more

    Jay M. 12/12/2019
  • Christina Dennis Avatar

    The best dentist office I’ve ever visited. The best cleanings, very polite, never a long... read more

    Christina Dennis 12/06/2019
    Fletcher Rose Avatar

    I've been coming here for the past 7 years. Would definitely recommend. Dentists seem to... read more

    Fletcher Rose 12/04/2019
    Brittany woodson Avatar

    Dr Patel, Ronnica, Stacey, Jennifer and the entire team we’re amazing! First off I hate... read more

    Brittany woodson 11/29/2019
    Patricia Sandoval Avatar

    positive review  This is amazing staff, & Dr Phan and her team has shown much care and... read more

    Patricia Sandoval 11/21/2019
    Debra Drescher Avatar

    positive review  Very competent, caring, friendly staff. Dr. Pirzadeh and Marco provided expert care!

    Debra Drescher 11/17/2019
    Debra Drescher Avatar

    My 88-year old mother and myself are new patients of record. On our first visit... read more

    Debra Drescher 11/15/2019
  • D D. Avatar

    5 star rating So glad to be a new patient of record with Dr. Amir Pirzadeh and the... read more

    D D. 11/15/2019

    Very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable, especially hygienist Loan Pham. I recently got braces and she... read more

    DANIELA RIBITA 11/08/2019
    Megan Lesser Avatar

    Everyone is so kind and caring at Midtown Dentistry! Dr. Patel does a great job... read more

    Megan Lesser 11/06/2019
    Luke Avatar

    I had an amazing experience getting a new night guard and the Zoom whitening treatment.... read more

    Luke 11/01/2019
    Every Home Avatar

    Summerwood location is awesome. Love entire staff! Dr Truong is by far best dentist I've... read more

    Every Home 10/30/2019
    Michael Johnston Avatar

    I've been going to Midtown Dentistry for 15 years. And Loan is the only hygienist... read more

    Michael Johnston 10/30/2019
  • La Monica Ward Avatar

    As always, the personnel is friendly and very receptive when you arrive. My cleanings with... read more

    La Monica Ward 10/28/2019
    Alicia Cotrone Giordano Avatar

    positive review  Went to Dr Phan at Midtown Dentistry for a crown. It was a pleasant experience.... read more

    Alicia Cotrone Giordano 10/27/2019
    Veronica Ferguson Avatar

    I recently had a new crown put in and was a little nervous! Dr. Pham... read more

    Veronica Ferguson 10/26/2019
    Carlos Curiel Avatar

    I've been coming to Midtown for a year now and every visit is awesone. Regina... read more

    Carlos Curiel 10/26/2019
    Tony Romo Avatar

    Dr. Phan, Regina, and Allison are awesome. Dr. Phan is very gentle, Allison is very... read more

    Tony Romo 10/25/2019
    Mackenzie Taylor Avatar

    Amazing customer service! They fit me in last minute and even searched through their numerous... read more

    Mackenzie Taylor 10/25/2019
  • Gabrielle Jimenez Avatar

    The nicest people. Love the staff. Saira is always so kind and makes every appointment... read more

    Gabrielle Jimenez 10/25/2019
    Victoria Vazquez Avatar

    I know I can be a difficult patient at times, but Regina and the staff... read more

    Victoria Vazquez 10/25/2019
    Erica Harris Avatar

    Office staff is amazing we love Regina, and how well kept and clean the office... read more

    Erica Harris 10/25/2019
    Ashley Forrestier Avatar

    This is the best dentist's office I've ever been to. Everybody here are so... read more

    Ashley Forrestier 10/24/2019
    Brandi Williams Avatar

    At Midtown Dentistry -everyone is top notch friendly, skilled and professional!!!!!! Dr. Patel... read more

    Brandi Williams 10/24/2019
    Gina Pavon Avatar

    Always a great experience to see Loan. We have been going to her for many,... read more

    Gina Pavon 10/24/2019
  • Fiona B. Avatar

    5 star rating This is by far the best dental care I've received since moving to Houston several... read more

    Fiona B. 10/22/2019
    Amanda Garcia Avatar

    Definitely recommend this office! Very professional, polite and they work hard to build a relationship... read more

    Amanda Garcia 10/21/2019
    Omar Esquivel Avatar

    I’ve always had a great experience at Midtown Dentistry. Regina Esquivel and the entire staff... read more

    Omar Esquivel 10/21/2019
    Jen Deale Avatar

    Loan is the best hygienist. I drive all the way from Katy just to have... read more

    Jen Deale 10/20/2019
    Caitlin Uyemura Avatar

    I’ve been going to Midtown Dentistry for a couple of years and have always had... read more

    Caitlin Uyemura 10/19/2019
    Luiza Browning Avatar

    I had a fantastic experience at the downtown location. Dr Patel is very nice... read more

    Luiza Browning 10/18/2019
  • Lee Cordova Avatar

    2 days post op on tooth extraction and I am glad I stuck with Dr.... read more

    Lee Cordova 10/18/2019
    Tirsa Garrido Avatar

    I hadn’t been able to get to the dentist in about a year so was... read more

    Tirsa Garrido 10/18/2019
    Ann Wooten Avatar

    I recently moved to the area and could not be happier with my new dentist!... read more

    Ann Wooten 10/18/2019
    Aracely O. Avatar

    5 star rating My experience with Dr. Gomes and Mark Anthony at Midtown Dentistry  was perfect. I felt... read more

    Aracely O. 10/18/2019
    Daphne Hernandez Avatar

    Anna is a great hygienist. I have been working with her for the past 1... read more

    Daphne Hernandez 10/17/2019
    Sophia Lee Avatar

    Anna and Dr. Truong were very informative and personable. Anna is always very sweet every... read more

    Sophia Lee 10/17/2019
  • Serjio P. Avatar

    5 star rating What an awesome first experience I had here at this office. Christina was so welcoming... read more

    Serjio P. 10/16/2019
    Neil Sukho Avatar

    Dr. Nirjal Patel is exceptionally personal and friendly, taking his time to get to know... read more

    Neil Sukho 10/14/2019
    Avid Eater Avatar

    This is the best dental experience I had. I felt that I was treated very... read more

    Avid Eater 10/14/2019
    Carol Hernandez Avatar

    I cant say enough great things about my wonderful experience my son had at midtown... read more

    Carol Hernandez 10/14/2019
    Missy Williams Avatar

    I love this office! I work in the dental field myself so getting in to... read more

    Missy Williams 10/12/2019
    Chuck Carnohan Avatar

    My experience with Mid town was super! Marco is my bro now. Thanks so much... read more

    Chuck Carnohan 10/10/2019
  • Montana Myers Avatar

    I honestly can't say enough good things about Dr. Patel & his staff.
    My last...
    read more

    Montana Myers 9/26/2019
    Nathaniel Bascom Avatar

    I've seen so many dentists and for the first time I got offered realistic solutions... read more

    Nathaniel Bascom 9/17/2019
    Ann-Marie Golasinski Avatar

    If you’re in need of a gentle dentist who truly cares for their patients look... read more

    Ann-Marie Golasinski 9/12/2019
    Suzanne F. Avatar

    5 star rating I had not been to the dentist in a couple of decades and had a... read more

    Suzanne F. 9/12/2019
    Leticia Ruata Avatar

    They are all about patient experience and told me what to expect in my process... read more

    Leticia Ruata 9/11/2019
    Amy Huie Avatar

    The entire staff was incredibly friendly. From the receptionist when you walk in, the hygienist... read more

    Amy Huie 9/07/2019
  • Linda M. Avatar

    5 star rating I love this office! I have been a patient of Dr. Penchas for many years... read more

    Linda M. 9/05/2019
    Ashley De La Garza Avatar

    I felt welcome the second I walked in the door. Stacey at the front desk... read more

    Ashley De La Garza 8/27/2019
    Rachel D. Avatar

    5 star rating I've seen Dr. Penchas before and saw Dr. Patel last weekend to get a few... read more

    Rachel D. 8/26/2019
    Sara Rundgren Avatar

    Everyone was so nice and friendly. I get nervous before going to any dentist, but... read more

    Sara Rundgren 8/23/2019
    ATH Bass Avatar

    This is the best experience I have ever had at a dental staff. Dr.... read more

    ATH Bass 8/22/2019
    Linda Patrick Avatar

    No judgement! I have a terrible fear of dentists and find it very hard... read more

    Linda Patrick 8/15/2019
  • Garrett Johnson Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry is the best health care experience that I have ever had! The quality... read more

    Garrett Johnson 8/14/2019
    Kesha Durant Avatar

    Our experience was awesome. From the time we walked in, we were greeted with friendly... read more

    Kesha Durant 8/08/2019
    Fiona B. Avatar

    5 star rating This is by far the best dental care I've received since moving to Houston several... read more

    Fiona B. 8/08/2019
    Boussamba J. Avatar

    5 star rating I had a really good experience at that location. The ladies are so nice !... read more

    Boussamba J. 7/29/2019
    Bernard S. Avatar

    5 star rating I love the people here. The service was great! It's like talking to family. I... read more

    Bernard S. 7/25/2019
    cynthia rangel Avatar

    Dr.Phan was great. She made me feel comfortable through the whole procedure. She also explained... read more

    cynthia rangel 7/20/2019
  • Anthony G. Avatar

    5 star rating Midtown Dentistry surpassed all my expectations. I am someone who loves doing research before choosing... read more

    Anthony G. 7/17/2019
    Connie Saenz Avatar

    Dr. Kimberly Troung is a caring professional Dentist. The staff have great customer service skills... read more

    Connie Saenz 7/14/2019
    Molly R. Avatar

    5 star rating I've been to a lot of hygienist in my life but I must say Loan... read more

    Molly R. 7/04/2019
    Jodi Zwang Avatar

    I can't say enough good things about the staff! From the first phone call, I... read more

    Jodi Zwang 7/01/2019
    Christopher Jackson Avatar

    This is the best dental office in all of Houston, I couldn’t be more pleased... read more

    Christopher Jackson 6/19/2019
    Rose S. Avatar

    5 star rating Friendly staff, easy to schedule, office is clean. The dentist was the one who actually... read more

    Rose S. 6/14/2019
  • James Collier Avatar

    I've had my entire mouth deep cleaned and can't say anything bad about this place.... read more

    James Collier 6/11/2019
    Dwayne B. Avatar

    5 star rating Excellent staff and always helpful abs friendly. Dr Lin was awesome. Did an incredible job... read more

    Dwayne B. 5/30/2019
    Alyssa Neubauer Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry is fantastic. The downtown location is convenient and the service is unbeatable. ... read more

    Alyssa Neubauer 5/29/2019
    Susan R. Avatar

    5 star rating Dr. Penchas is simply the best dentist in Houston! I've been a patient here for... read more

    Susan R. 5/29/2019
    Lois Fleck Avatar

    Great dentists and upbeat, competent and pleasant office staff. Does not... read more

    Lois Fleck 5/24/2019
    Ariadna Aliyeva Avatar

    Dr. Penchas and his team are outstanding.
    From the time I enter the office I...
    read more

    Ariadna Aliyeva 5/23/2019
  • Ariadna Aliyeva Avatar

    Dr. Penchas and his team are outstanding.
    From the time I enter the office I...
    read more

    Ariadna Aliyeva 5/23/2019
    Beata K. Avatar

    5 star rating This is the best dental practice in the area. Everyone is very professional, great customer... read more

    Beata K. 5/23/2019
    Dayshayia Bishop Avatar

    The best experience I've ever had at a dentist! I'm a new transplant here all... read more

    Dayshayia Bishop 5/16/2019
    Mary Robinson Avatar

    I've been coming to the Westheimer office of Midtown Dentistry for 7 years and really... read more

    Mary Robinson 5/16/2019
    Brandon McNair Avatar

    The office staff here is amazing. Very friendly and willing to answer any questions... read more

    Brandon McNair 5/16/2019
    David Merrill Avatar

    positive review  I'm in Houston from Charlotte on a work trip and woke up (yesterday) with a... read more

    David Merrill 5/15/2019
  • Maggie High Avatar

    I recently cracked my plastic retainer and had to come in to Midtown Dentistry off... read more

    Maggie High 5/09/2019
    Maggie Hotard Avatar

    positive review  I recently cracked my plastic retainer and had to come in to Midtown Dentistry off... read more

    Maggie Hotard 5/09/2019
    Maggie H. Avatar

    5 star rating I recently cracked my plastic retainer and had to come in to Midtown Dentistry off... read more

    Maggie H. 5/09/2019
    Beatris Govea Avatar


    Beatris Govea 5/08/2019
    Dr. Denis Kiawi Avatar

    The Midtown Dentistry is the best place in Downtown to get all your dentist issues... read more

    Dr. Denis Kiawi 5/02/2019
    Kim G. Avatar

    5 star rating I have been a patient of the downtown location for several years now and I've... read more

    Kim G. 4/30/2019

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