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Janice Luzzi – I Don’t Worry

Janice Luzzi – I Don’t Worry

Dr. Penchas is hospitality. He is an oral dentist, but he is really about hospitality. He is so patient, and he said, "all that matters is that when you are done, you are happy." Once he started removing the bridges, the pain went. I was conditioned to it. Once it was gone, I went wow, I sleep better, I don't grind my teeth, and I could eat right. I don't worry about chipping, breaking, or things falling out.
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Dr. Jonathan Penchas
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” They are all very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable, especially hygienist Loan Pham. I recently got braces and my  teeth look and feel great every time I leave her chair, even now with braces – she’s amazing.”

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