Rage against Acid Damage

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Rage against Acid Damage

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Rage against Acid DamageA piece of cake is not exactly “a piece of cake” when a habit for starchy and sugary treats is already formed. It can lead to a condition called acid damage which, when ignored for a certain period, can trigger a dental tragedy. Those with sweet tooth and soda addiction are especially prone to this but it can happen to anyone. Sadly, people only become conscious of it when the damage is already obvious.


Acid damage is often a consequence of excessive consumption of acid drinks and sweet snacks. If you think you can put all the blame on junk food and soft drinks, you are mistaken because even so-called healthy stuff like vitamin C and lemon water can worsen this. It might interest you to know that sugar is not the mastermind behind teeth damage but it nourishes bacteria that produce the damaging acid.


If you haven’t been to a dentist office in Houston in a while, maybe it’s the perfect time to schedule a visit. Regular check up and cleaning is one way to beat acid damage. Your dentist can spot early signs of acid damage and take care of the problem before it can lead to dental plaque and cause tooth decay. Most likely, you will also be reminded of proper brushing and flossing as well as edibles to avoid. Easier said than done, right?


Many people find it difficult to resist a little cookie and it is okay to give in once in a while. However, be wary when you are saying that to yourself more often. Keep in mind that your efforts can give you the healthy set of teeth and gums you want to have for a long time. It will also keep you away from unwanted pounds you could gain by eating junk. That sounds like a fair deal, right?


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