Keeping Porcelain Veneers Shiny

For Veneers, the sculpting, fitting and making of them is as much an art as it is a science

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How do you keep dental veneers shiny?

Choosing the right dentist is vital when planning to get dental veneers. The experience and expertise of the dentist are essential when fitting veneers.

The dentist as an artist

If the dentist is inexperienced or disinterested in your dental veneer project, the veneers will not look as good as they should be.

Carefully crafting, making, and fitting veneers is as much as an art as it is a science.

One of the reasons why the veneers lose their shine is if a dentist or hygienist unfamiliar with your porcelain veneers polishes or grinds off there color and luster.

Without the glaze over the porcelain veneers, not only will the teeth look unnatural but they will also stain more easily. The shine of porcelain veneers can be brought back by polishing the veneers with porcelain polishing wheels or pastes.

Watch out for stains

One of the leading cause of dull veneers is from stains on the surface of the veneers. Regular care and maintenance are essential, along with using the correct toothbrush.

The type and style of your toothbrush is key

In the case of veneers, you need to use a soft bristle toothbrush. Hard bristles are often too abrasive for the surface of the veneer and can overtime damage the surface. Do not use any sonic toothbrushes. The vibrations can cause the bond between the veneers and the teeth to become damaged. Instead, use an electric toothbrush.

“…Safe for veneers…”

The type of toothpaste you use is critical too. Most whitening toothpaste scratch the surface of the veneers, resulting in the dullness. Look for toothpaste that is stated explicitly as safe for veneers. When it comes to mouthwash, do not use alcohol because it can weaken the bonding agents.

Your 6-month dental exams are still important

When going for your 6-month checkup, let the dentist know about the porcelain veneers when going in for cleanings so they can use the appropriate cleaning methods and products.
Following these simple tips will help ensure that your veneers and smile are beautiful for years to come

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