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Unlike the other parts of the body, teeth do not have the ability to heal on their own. This makes procedures such as fillings important. There have been many advances in medical and dental technology, especially in the last five to 10 years. However, this does not mean that all types of tooth problems can be resolved. There are some teeth that are beyond repair.

The ideal situation of any dental work is to save the natural tooth. One way that this is done is to place fillings in the tooth. This relatively simple procedure involves the removal of the decayed portions of the tooth and filling up the hole that is left behind. For over a century, amalgams were used by dentists to repair cavities. It is made up of silver and mercury. However, there has been some controversy recently regarding their use. Although there is no specific research that links the amalgam to health problems, most people prefer other options.

The reason for the decline in popularity of amalgams is that people are apprehensive of having mercury, a poisonous metal, in their mouths. Amalgams are dark-colored and quite noticeable. They can also stain the rest of the natural tooth. On the other hand, there are many benefits that are associated with the material. Amalgams are less expensive that the other materials used for fillings. Thus, they are easier to reimburse when getting the insurance companies to cover the cost of the procedure.

The other option to getting the tooth filled is to make use of tooth-colored fillings. They have been gaining in popularity for most dentists because they mimic the natural appearance of teeth. Not only do they look better, but they also help strengthen the tooth by sealing it. Unlike amalgams, the material does not expand or contract to cause the tooth to fracture.

It is important to take note that tooth-colored fillings are more expensive that the traditional materials used to fill up cavities. Often, insurance companies do not pay for the difference in cost between this type of material and amalgams. The installation of tooth-colored fillings also takes longer.

Another option is to make thin ceramic facings. These are called veneers. They cover the front of the tooth. Our dentists are famous for their veneers and have some of the finest Houston Texas dental veneers

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