What is Minimal Invasive Dentistry

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What is Minimal Invasive Dentistry

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The dentist at Midtown Dentistry are a big believer in minimal invasive dentistry.  The thing that makes the concept of minimally invasive dentistry so different is the very aim it is based on which is to preserve as much of the healthy tooth structure as possible.

This form of dentistry lays emphasis on the prevention part as well as focuses on promoting the remineralization of the tooth structure. What is Minimal Invasive DentistryThere are various techniques and procedures that form a part of minimally invasive dentistry and all of them are carried out with the aim of preserving the maximum structure of the tooth possible.

Any dentist in Houston practicing cosmetic dentistry in Houston or rather in most areas who is carrying out minimally invasive dentistry would not reduce the tooth structure more than what is actually needed.  If one opts to get such a procedure done then one must plan regular visits to a dentist to ensure that all steps are properly carried out.

The very first step in minimally invasive dentistry is prevention for which the dentist would advise you various steps like regular use of an antibacterial mouthwash, decreased intake of sugars as well as making efforts to maintain a proper oral hygiene status.

For the next step the dentist focuses on using various techniques and procedures such as:-

  1. Remineralization- one of the most important goals of this technique is to restore and maintain a proper fluoride level in the oral cavity so that decay chances are minimized.
  2. Abrasion- is done using the help of air and is carried out on teeth which cannot be remineralized. This technique involves blasting a stream of air containing abrasive particles onto the tooth surface to remove the decayed part.
  3. Sealants- composed of resin particles are placed in deep fissures and grooves that may be prone to tooth decay in future due to the action of bacteria.
  4. Inlays- these are fabricated in the laboratory and are like restorations the difference being that the dentist does not need to remove as much tooth structure.
  5. Use of splints and night guards- these are given to patients who suffer from problems such as compulsive or sub-conscious grinding of teeth which lead to wearing away of the tooth structure. The patient is advised to wear these appliances especially during the night to get relief from this habit.

If you are wondering where to locate a dentist in Houston that uses the concept of minimally invasive dentistry then you do not need to work too hard as most of the dentists these days are following these techniques.

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