Do You Need Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery?

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Do You Need Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery?

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What is Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery?

Cosmetic periodontal surgery is about making your teeth and gums look better and give you a radiant smile. If you have unsightly teeth, receding gums, or gummy smile and looking for ways to improve your smile, you can significantly benefit from this procedure. This type of surgery is not only for vanity’s sake but, more so, a healthy option to avoid gum recession and preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible.

If you have short teeth, cosmetic periodontal surgery can be used to lengthen them, but this does not mean that your teeth are the correct size.

To make the tooth look longer, your dentist can perform the crown lengthening procedure. During the procedure, the bone tissue and gum are reshaped to reveal a more significant part of the tooth, making your smile look better and evener.

If it is receding gum that is bothering you, the right cosmetic periodontal surgical procedure is called soft tissue graft. When the gum starts decreasing, the roots are exposed to bacteria and elements that can lead to decay. When not treated properly, this can weaken the roots and lead to tooth loss. The soft tissue graft is beneficial because it is done to cover the tooth roots. As a result, this will lessen gum recession, shield the roots from elements that can cause decay and prevent early tooth loss.

Another condition that can benefit from cosmetic periodontal surgery is when there is a missing tooth. When a tooth is missing, the jawbone will eventually recede and affect the indentation of gums and jaw. Because there is no ample bone support, this will make your jaw look unnatural, and your face looks older.

Bone grafting is necessary to preserve the ridge or socket and jaw bone structure and will also minimize gum receding and bone loss. Bone grafting will also help aesthetic tooth replacement like a fixed bridge or implant crown. To know whether you are the right candidate for cosmetic periodontal surgery, look for a periodontist to make a full evaluation of your condition. Discuss your options not only about the best procedures to have but also financing and insurance coverage. Don’t forget to ask for pre-operative and post-operative requirements so you can fit it in your schedule, and there won’t be any delay in the healing process.  Soon enough, you will be more confident to face the world as you will be flashing a more radiant smile.


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