ZOOM! Teeth Whitening What is it?

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening What is it?

What is ZOOM! Teeth Whitening?

The discolorations of you teeth are lightened with the Zoom! bleaching process. Zoom! give you whiter teeth in an hour for a brighter, whiter smile that could make you feel more confident and look younger.

Really, 6 Shades Whiter after 1 Session?

The dentists at Midtown Dentistry have been trained in the Zoom! teeth whitening procedure and the results are stunning. Many of our patients have found their teeth were 6 shades whiter — and all it took was 1 hour in our dental office.

Can ZOOM! Teeth Whitening be Taken Home?

No time to spend at the dentist? No problem. Zoom! has a take-home whitening system. All you need is their specially designed whitening gel and three nights to get results. Plus, when you take it home, you can even get whiter teeth by applying it for additional nights.

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