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A smile is the best accessory ever. Although a perfect smile may take a bit of an effort to achieve, with modern technology available, having one may only take a few visits to the dentist. Dental implants are used to support artificial teeth which are said to prevent jaw bone loss. Although this procedure falls under cosmetic dentistry, it doesn’t mean that it’s only for vanity. On the contrary, this is a recommended procedure to provide strength and stability to your replacement tooth.

Aside from a regular dentist, an oral surgeon, prosthodontist and periodontist can be consulted. If you’re within Texas, you may want to check out your trusted dentist in Houston for pre- and post-operation services. This is important because proper care of your dental implants is crucial in making it last for as long as possible.

Healing period depends on various circumstances but usually takes about six months. During this period, you must follow strictly your dentist’s instructions. After the surgery, your dentist may require five to seven days of soft diet. You may also be advised not to brush for a few days but will be prescribed a special mouthwash by your Houston Texas dentist.

When the stitches are taken off or have dissolved completely, you may brush your teeth like you would the normal teeth. Clean your mouth thoroughly but don’t brush too hard. A small toothbrush is needed to clean the teeth thoroughly including the abutments.

Flossing is important as well so do it religiously together with brushing. It will help if you stop smoking too as it is one of the reasons dental implants fail. Since it is an implant, it takes time to heal and prone to infection so be very careful during the first few days after the procedure.

Aside from brushing and flossing, you also need to have dental cleaning for about four times a year. X-rays and follow up treatments may be needed as well. It really depends on how you respond to the implant that will determine how much more treatments you need. Also, wear and tear of the implants must be monitored closely since it is an artificial substance that is being introduced.

You don’t need to worry about its success rate though because as long as you follow yourHouston dentist’s procedures, you will enjoy your implants like you would your natural teeth. Besides, your dentist wouldn’t let you undergo such procedure if requirements aren’t satisfied in the first place.

Dental implants have high success rate due to the comprehensive tests that are done beforehand which usually involve x-rays and CT scans. That’s why not all can be candidates for such procedure. Barring infection and other complications like too much bleeding, breakage or gum disease, you can have a perfect smile in no time after the procedure.

One advantage of having dental implant restoration is that it’s not prone to cavities like real teeth so as long as you brush, floss your teeth after each meal, consult with your dentist regularly and follow post-op procedures religiously, it will just be a routine dental procedure.

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