Tooth brushing and flossing

What the Heck is in My Toothpaste?

Your Toothpaste Can’t Work Miracles If you have wondered down the dental aisle in your local drugstore or supermarket recently, then you’ll have noticed the bewildering range of kinds of toothpaste for sale. The claims on the toothpaste packages make the product sound like a miracle cream for teeth You’ll get “whiter teeth,” “fresher breath,” …

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Cavity prevention

6 Ways to Prevent Cavities

Cavity Prevention Cavities are also called tooth decay or caries. They start as tiny holes or opening in the teeth. When you snack frequently, has high-sugary diet and not fond of cleaning your teeth with regular brushing and flossing, you are sure to develop cavities. As your bad oral habits persist, the larger these holes …

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What are the Differences Between a Crown and a Veneer?

Learn the difference between a crown and a veneer Your smile is a large part of the world’s first impression of you. A straight, white smile can help build self-esteem and project confidence to your peers. Fortunately, a crooked or broken smile can be easily fixed with the help of an experienced cosmetic dentist like Dr. …

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What is a veneer?

You have probably heard other people talking about veneers, and may have wondered, what is a veneer? It is a cosmetic dental treatment that is easily muddled up with other popular treatments; in particular dental crowns that cover up the whole of the tooth and which require a substantial amount of tooth material to be …

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dentistry Houston

What are Easy Recipes for Denture Wearers?

If you have just got a brand-new set of dentures, then you may be wondering if there are any easy recipes for denture wearers. Easy chew recipes are perfect during the first few weeks while you are adjusting to your new dentures.   Studies s have found that people who wear them often have a …

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kids dentist

my baby has not lost a tooth – What to do?

My little girl who’s turning 8 this year has not dropped a single milk tooth to-date. She does have a good set of teeth. Should I be concerned? Ellie’s Mom. Hi Ellie’s Mom, Children have 20 baby teeth, which typically erupt by the age of three. They generally fall out in the same order in …

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What to Consider When Getting Veneers

Veneers the Fastest Way to Improve Your Smile Getting a veneer is the fastest way to improve a smile. However, it can also be the quickest way to make thing worse if improperly applied. Dental Veneers Considerations First, take note of how the veneers will change your teeth. You can use mock-ups to show what …

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